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May 2016
The Road Less Traveled

Dancer, singer, actor, choreographer, coach...Maureen Brown had an impressive résumé to document her success. What she didn’t have was financial peace. When she stumbled across the BVOV broadcast, her spirit resonated with what she heard. She ordered the Complete Financial Breakthrough LifeLine Kit, and followed the plan to financial freedom.

Real Help

Find solid, biblical answers for the challenges you face! Access foundational Christian teaching material from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and other trusted ministers. From faith-building articles and Bible verses to topical prayers, study tools and more, you'll find what you need for living a successful Christian life and maximizing your spiritual growth. Soon you'll be shouting, "Jesus Is Lord!"

Featured Product

Time for a Spiritual Checkup

Gloria Copeland

Feeling like a spiritual wimp? Life's challenges got you down? Thinking about giving up? It's time for a spiritual checkup!...