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Faith Works in a Grateful Heart

Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland
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November 2014
A Flame That Lights the World

When Jenni Drennen’s family moved to Texas from California, their mandate from God was to create a place for kids to have encounters with Him. Superkid Academy was birthed, and they began preparing kids for ministry. It’s a calling Jenni is still passionate about and involved in, as she raises her own children as Superkids.

Real Help

Find solid, biblical answers for the challenges you face! Access foundational Christian teaching material from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and other trusted ministers. From faith-building articles and Bible verses to topical prayers, study tools and more, you'll find what you need for living a successful Christian life and maximizing your spiritual growth. Soon you'll be shouting, "Jesus Is Lord!"

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The Fire, The Light & The Glory

Kenneth Copeland

Until the birth of Jesus, only one man saw the Glory of God and lived to tell about it....